Spring Haven (Cousin Game)

After the Giant Bat, introduction to the Necromancer

Visited a alchemest shop, a Holg tried to buy bat repelent, a dishonest shop keeper attempted to sell them bogous repelent, but the party saw through it. As they started looking for another shop, but realized that bat repelent probably won’t work.

The party decide to visit the docks. Talk to a nice lady who hates rich people and sells sweet fruit, then walk over and start a fight with the Sea Knives gang. GIve the gang a good beating, then mysterious man appears, drops a couple of red coins to the leader and takes the dead bodies. Then Holg and Talenia attack but with no avail. The the man hit Holg, but he managed not to pass out, he took of his hood and Holg recognized him as the necromancer. Then the necromancer disapeared.

XP: 50 each for roleplaying, 50 xp each for medium encounter.

Total: 550xp


aoirselvar aoirselvar

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