Thia - Druid Elf

Josh's NPC


One of the druids from the tribe that Holg Half-Orc Paladin belonged to. She was actually the druid that Holg Half-Orc Paladin saved. She is a pacafist. She was largely responsible to teaching Holg Half-Orc Paladin and influencing him and welcoming him into the elven druid tribe.

Some of the other druids that Holg Half-Orc Paladin should become a pacafist too, but Thia taught him to fight for a good cause.

Notes from Josh: Elven Druid. I once saved her life (though I though she was a deer at the time). She believes in fighting in defense of others, but prefers tricks and words. She HATES lies.


Thia - Druid Elf

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