Valak Flameskull the Necromancer


Attack and destroyed Holg Half-Orc Paladin’s tribe. He has both necromancy powers and fire magic powers. He wears a human skull for a mask.

Josh’s Notes: An evil wizard who weilds necromancy and powerful fire magic to conquer his foes. He wears a mask made of a carved human skull. He made my old friend fang inot his undead thrall, adding fang to his army of charred corpses.

Has recruited his own army, has his own stronghold and black tower. He has several bandits and he has a growing undead army. The tower is actually growing as well. It has been growing on the bodies that the necromancer has been feeding it.

The bad guy has deals with several people that if they see people (inn keepers and such) that he will pay them gold for bodies of recent people dying near them. He gives them red gold in exchange, gold that he can track and that informs him if their has been people killed near by. He then teleports himself and collects the bodies.

He’s also started bringing sending strange animals to attack the city at night, but he doesn’t have the strength to attack the city outright, just wants to slowly kill off the city folk and collect their bodies for his purposes. This has only started to happen. So far he’s only doing this at night, he doesn’t want to draw the attention of the towns guards as he is still in the early stages of growing his power (I need some stats for him, right now I think he could be a mage – CR 6, so still a long ways off from what the players can handle).

At this point he is trying to summon a death knight (CR 17), this won’t happen for a long time, unless he doesn’t any interference.

Motiving drive: Power, domination of others, attempting to summon Orcus, he wants to be rewarded.

Questions to be answered: Why did he destroy the Orc village? To be able to collect their bodies for his necromancy, and also he burned several because he likes to burn things.


Valak Flameskull the Necromancer

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