Spring Haven (Cousin Game)

After the Giant Bat, introduction to the Necromancer

Visited a alchemest shop, a Holg tried to buy bat repelent, a dishonest shop keeper attempted to sell them bogous repelent, but the party saw through it. As they started looking for another shop, but realized that bat repelent probably won’t work.

The party decide to visit the docks. Talk to a nice lady who hates rich people and sells sweet fruit, then walk over and start a fight with the Sea Knives gang. GIve the gang a good beating, then mysterious man appears, drops a couple of red coins to the leader and takes the dead bodies. Then Holg and Talenia attack but with no avail. The the man hit Holg, but he managed not to pass out, he took of his hood and Holg recognized him as the necromancer. Then the necromancer disapeared.

XP: 50 each for roleplaying, 50 xp each for medium encounter.

Total: 550xp

The Meeting

So, we beat up the goat gang, Halg kicked the goat in the head. There was a kid (Tinbrand Finchey) a kid in the ally gave some information about that around this part of town kids have been disappearing, it might have something to do with new crime boss or something called the man in black at the south harbor. They found an inn to eat dinner where the bards performed and Halg drank some weird drink called the Madman where he started hallucinating, but he hill it off and stopped a potential bar fight. It was dark and raining, but the group decided to move on and try to find the bad guy in the dark because bad guys come out in the dark. They were attacked by giant bats, which most of the group found pretty peculiar except for the half-orc, he figured this was a normal thing to happen in cities like this. More bats came and they narrowly escaped and arrived at a new tavern.

It appears that nobody was aware, or cared about the fact that there were hundreds of giant bats out. And these rooms seemed more expensive than normal. They group decided to rest and to go out to the harbor the next morning.

XP: easy encounter with goat gang, +25XP each, Hard encounter Giant bat attack 75XP, Medium skill challenge 50 XP. Current Total: 450XP

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